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Spanish (2010)
The Mysterious Power of Xing Yi Quan
by CS Tang

Xingyiquan is an ancient form of boxing in China, and it is an attacking art that has been added to from generation to generation.

Xing Yi belongs to internal martial arts, because it is able to infuse the philosophy and principles of human life and adapt them to the development of the theories of the Book of Changes. When training hardness, it emphasizes training a single breath internally, and using the Qi to move the body.

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The Way of Yiquan - by CS Tang, June 2008 in Spanish.

Introduction from Publisher

The Yiquan is an internal martial art, which also includes features of meditation and health, and which emphasizes the use of "intent" Yi. This system was created by a famous martial artist named Wang Xiang Zhai, and combines the basics of the Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang stepping and relaxation of Taiji Quan, which results in a "unique and direct" system that boosts internal Chi energy in a quick and efficient manner, and is being regarded as the heart of the internal styles.

Sifu C.S. Tang in this book demonstrates the power of standing meditation postures, exercises that generate internal strength, foot techniques that develop balance and stability, powerful system Yiquan "Push Hands", which combines techniques of hand and fist, and which are the introduction to free combat; the power of the sound and the word, the mystery of the "explosive force" fali, the dance of the fist, and other little-known aspects of this system, applied as fighting strategies, as well as its training and philosophy. Much of the knowledge presented in this book has not been previously translated into Spanish.

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