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9) Xingyiquan, Yiquan and Baguazhang

Dear CS
Thank you for your instruction over the past few days. As always, your instruction was clear, informative and straight to the point. You answered questions about the core mechanics in Xingyiquan, Yiquan and Baguazhang that have troubled me for years.

I feel that I've made incredible progress in a short space of time. The training methods you taught me are already reaping benefits in terms of improved power and performance. I have gained substantial new insights into practical use of internal martial arts as I now have useful benchmarks with which to measure my progress.

Thank you for your instruction and I look forward to seeing you again at the YangXin Studio.

Miles Henderson
Holistic Combat Arts

8) Yang Taiji Quan

I am again in Barcelona training all that you have been taught me in Hong Kong during this few days. I am very happy to had has the opportunity to meet you and learnt from you. I would like a lot of to continuous learning from you. How I comment you I have been learning from other masters but the way that you teach I like a lot of because is very clear and effective so I would like to be your student and follow your school here in Barcelona, your Kungfu and knowledge in Taiji and other systems are very high and I didn’t know anyone that has a linage in the internal martial arts as very high like you.

I do not know if you have been thinking about the possibility to come to Spain. I could arrange some seminars for you of Taiji, Yiquan or Bagua Zhang for the Spanish public.

I would like to be in touch with you and also to go to Hong Kong again to continuous learn from you because the Taiji Quan that I saw from you it has impressed me and also your knowledge from other internal martial arts like Yiquan. I have learnt many forms of Taiji Quan but I didn’t ´t know so many applications in martial arts until I have meet you. I have read many books and never I have known it from this way because the masters that I have meet they do not explain this very clear. I hope that in a near future I could talk about it.

I am practicing all that I learn from you and I am very happy because all the applications that you teach me has made my taiji more comprehensive for me and also with a feeling more special because now is more effective and better. Thank you very much, for me it is a pleasure to write these words.

Master Tang, I am very grateful for learning from you and also for your attention and kindness. See you soon!

Barcelona, Spain

7) Gao style Bagua Zhang

"My experience as a study abroad student in Hong Kong was completely affected by Gao-style Bagua training with Sifu Tang, his students and friends.

To begin, the methods of training and english explanations are clear and straightforward. The techniques are demonstrated precisely and, when the time comes, applications of these techniques are brought forth and detailed. My developments in the internal portion of the art were consistently checked by a senior student, when he'd say with a grin as he grabbed my arm with immense strength: "this is a test" and then expect me to apply the fundamentals of Bagua to break free effortlessly. I must say that over the duration of my training the intense power of the internal arts became apparent, and as long as you continue proper training, Sifu Tang will gladly guide you.

Furthermore, the broad knowledge held by this group is complemented by a wonderfully friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If you are sincere and bring a smile to training you will receive the same. Nearly each week you may meet some new friends which Sifu brings either to training or for discussion of the arts -- they bring interesting perspective from all parts of martial arts.

I would certainly recommend training with Sifu Tang for Bagua and more. You will be hard-pressed to find similar dedication and excellence coupled with this sort of atmosphere."

Paul Dabrowski
Champaign, USA

6) Internal Martial Art

from Ohio, USA

It has been an honor to have trained with Master C.S. Tang, not only because of his teaching skills in internal martial arts but also because of his sincerity and kindness as a human being.

I met C.S. about 5 years ago, when I was living in Hong Kong and trying to locate a quality teacher of baguazhang. Various martial artists in Hong Kong recommended C.S., who readily introduced me to, and allowed me to train with, his existing bagua students.

After studying bagua for about 2 years, I became interested in studying the Yang family “old style” taijiquan form. C.S. taught me the form and, over the next year, also introduced colleagues and myself to a 2-man “chin na” exercise and to xingyiquan and yiquan qi-development exercises.

I earlier referred to the kindness of C.S. At one stage, I wanted to go to Beijing for a month to study and improve my ability to read Chinese. As I also wanted to continue my martial arts training, I asked C.S. if he could recommend a teacher. He immediately agreed and shortly thereafter introduced me to Master Liu Jin Ru. I subsequently spent a strenuous but enjoyable month learning xingyiquan from Master Liu!

Frankly, I have met very few martial arts teachers who have been so willing to share their knowledge, and able to convey it so practically (and in English), as C.S. I am grateful to have been his student and pleased to write these words of appreciation.


1) Gao style Bagua Zhang

From a BaGua Student
To Whom It May Concern,

I recommend very warmly and heartily Sifu Tang as a Internal Martial Arts Instructor not only for his own diligence and skills in the martial arts but also for his skills and ability in teaching these martial arts.

When I have a break in my busy schedule as a senior research scientist, I like to practice Ba Gua. I have been fortunate in having trained with some well known BaGua masters (Ma Chuan Xu, Liu Jing Ryu, Sun Da Fa) and some unknown masters. Although enthusiastic about their art, some of these masters are unable to explain and express the applications and forms because they have completely internallized it. Other masters can demonstrate the forms and applications but lack the language and teaching abilities to clearly explain the fine points or correct mistakes. Others just know only the form and pretend to have explanations using mysticism to cover themselves.

I was very fortunate in my travels for being introduced to and having trained with Sifu Tang in Hong Kong. He is very fluent in English and his teaching skills are as good as many of the Professors I have learned from while attending some of the major universities in the US. He will take the time to demonstrate the forms and applications, and if you have difficulty, will develop other ways of explaining the concepts.

He is very passionate about his teaching and what he has learned and I can think of no other Sifu I would want to learn with. I am looking forward to visiting Hong Kong again and training with him. In addition, he knows where all the good restaurants are in Hong Kong so I have enjoyed learning about Chinese culture and food after the training.

Dr. Charlie Montross,

2) Immediate Result

From a Xing Yi Student

I relocated to Hong Kong in May 2005 with one of primary goals being to further deepen and develop my internal martial arts knowledge. C S Tang was recommended to me as the first teacher I should talk to. I was immediately impressed by his open attitude, the quality of his content and his methodology of teaching. After a number of months training with him in Xing Yi he has helped me to gain an understanding of this system and develop my power and applications far quicker than I could have hoped for. I can definitely recommend his teaching for any serious student of Chinese martial arts who is interested in developing and improving their skill level.

James Carss
Head Hunter - Hong Kong

4) It Opened my eyes

From a Hsing Yi Student

It Opened my eyes, I never thought that minor detail processing are so important, not just the ending.

For two weeks in the summer of 2005 I had the pleasure to train with Sifu C.S. Tang at his studio in central Hong Kong. Over the course of five lessons Sifu Tang imparted clear and practical instruction on the first three fists of the Xing Yi Quan system. Among the many commendable aspects of Sifu Tang’s teaching one thing that stood out was his hands-on approach. Every posture was tested in such a way as to leave the student in no doubt as to whether or not they had grasped the point being made. Wedded to Sifu Tang’s clear instruction in excellent English this approach along with pad work and application drills allowed for clear understanding and progress.

Neil Bates
Basingstoke U.K.

3) A Rare Teacher of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts

From a Baguazhang, Yiquan, hunyuan Qong Student

I got to know Sifu C.S. Tang in 2003 when I was looking for a reputable teacher of Gao style Baguazhang in Hong Kong.

I was very impressed when I met up with him. He is fluent in English, was very open and modern in his teaching methods and very knowledgeable about martial arts.

For example, he would answer freely all the questions I had about baguazhang. He held nothing back, and his candour help me immensely in the study and understanding of internal martial arts. Sifu Tang did not resort to "mystical teachings and explanations", and has simple, logical explanations for the many complicated concepts of IMA.

Sifu Tang is also very passionate and knowledgable. He frequently travels to meet with other Masters in China. His teachers of Baguazhang (Mr He Ke Choi), Chen Taijquan (Mr Feng Zhi Qiang), Yiquan (Mr Li Jian Yu) are all reputed and acknowledged masters of their respective arts. It is rare to find someone like Sifu Tang, who has personally studied for so many years with the top masters of our time, and this shows in Sifu Tang's depth and mastery of understanding.

Lastly, Sifu Tang is a master who can actually put what he teaches into practice: My sessions with him are very practical, and applications oriented. More than just understanding theory and performing "forms", Sifu Tang is very knowledgeable about the applications of each move.

In summary, my experiences with Sifu Tang has been extremely positive and rewarding, and I would strongly recommend him as a teacher to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese internal martial arts.

Kelvin Yu

5) Pak Mei and Dragon Form  

From a trainer

"On CS Tang's website it says to call for an appointment before visiting, so I thought that it must be a small bookshop. I had ordered his Dragon book and a book on Pak Mei Kung Fu. I was looking forward to seeing the other books VCD's and DVD's that he sells. It was an incredibly hot and humid day. I rang the bell, Mr Tang greeted me and we walked along a corridor and into a room, I was expecting rows of shelves filled with books and VCDs, but this was much better. books on one wall and the rest of the room is a training area!

We sat down and he showed me the Pak Mei Jik Bo book. Then he asked to see my Gow Bo Toi... so I emptied my pockets and did the form. Mr Tang smiled and said, "I can see that you have been doing Pak Mei for a very long time!"

We chatted some more. Then I did some Dragon form - Ying Jow Nim Kiu. Mr Tang said that this is Pak Mei Dragon. Then we went to a nearby restaurant for a very nice lunch. After lunch we returned to the studio to chat and do some more Kung Fu. He asked to see my Ng Hang Gwun.

I visited 3 more times during my brief trip to Hong Kong and Mr Tang showed me some variations and a new pressure point for Jik Bo and we exchanged some 2 man training drills from Gow Bo Toi and Sub Jee. Then he taught me Sub Lok Tong which is an excellent form for training power. It is now one month later and my power is better and I discovered that Sub Lok Tong also improves floating, sinking and shapes!

Well I am looking forward to making another trip to Hong Kong to the Yang Xin Studio!"