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The System: Xing Yi Quan training course

Xingyi Quan is an extremely direct and forward attacking art. It does not have the mysterious and sometimes difficult to grasp concepts of other martial arts, Xingyi is more aggressive and can be a faster route to achieving real skill in fighting.
Xingyi comprises 5 different angled fists which are practiced repeatedly to develop rapid power and effectiveness.

There are also 12 animal styles within the system which add variations and themes to the 5 fists.

Our Training:
Stage 1: Basic & Conditioning
Within Xing Yi the stance of ‘San Ti or trinity posture is used to develop and emphasise power. This static standing in San Ti is the main conditioning tool in the system and helps to nurture a supporting power to allow the five animal requirements to develop inside the body.
Stage 2: 5 Fists
Training this power involves “fixed step” movements which are used to find, test and develop opposite power and explosive power. The “follow step” is then used to increase this attacking force, this adds the other two powers of screwing power and penetrating power.
Stage 3: 12 animal forms with linking forms at intervals.

Stage 4: Linking forms
The qualities of flexibility and speed in Xingyi are developed through various linking forms. These sets effectively train forward and backward movements, coordinating the hands, legs and eyes in one continuous attack.
Stage 5: Application and variations of all techniques
Sparring also plays a very important role within this art and is the culmination and application of various 2 man partner drills.
Stage 6: Weapons


Why do you want to learn Xing yi?
Have you generated power already?
How are the six harmonies linked with San ti?
What core points should be maintained in 5 fists?
Have you practised 2 men drill? And appreciate the important.
Have you practise 12 animal forms seriously and applied them?


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